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CN-1066839-A: Process for preparing alkanone and/or alkanol patent, CN-106684389-A: Sulfur-nitrogen dual-doped graphene nano material and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106684412-A: 一种质子传导中温固体氧化物燃料电池电解质及制备方法 patent, CN-106684474-A: Method and system for charging with multiple guns in turn in one pile patent, CN-106684978-A: Charging circuit, charging control method of charging circuit, and terminal patent, CN-106685214-A: Feed-forward control system with current estimator patent, CN-106685287-A: 智能负载组和励磁控制 patent, CN-106685408-A: Circuit of transistor level realization scheme of five-input-end combination logic circuit patent, CN-106686255-A: 一种移动终端及其语音消息发送方法 patent, CN-106686621-A: Data transmission method and WAP device patent, CN-106686879-A: Flexible printed circuit board and display device having the same patent, CN-106687136-A: Combination alzheimer therapy using anti-N3PGLU ABETA antibodies + a BACE inhibitor patent, CN-106687302-A: 铸铝车轮 patent, CN-106687461-A: Compound, organic electroluminescent element material, organic electroluminescent element, and electronic device patent, CN-106689289-A: Oat-rice casual nutritious food with fruity fragrance and good taste and making method thereof patent, CN-106689675-A: 氨糖壮骨关节膏 patent, CN-106690017-A: Fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae-containing health-care porridge for children and making method thereof patent, CN-106692144-A: Compositions and methods for prophylaxis and treatment of addictions patent, CN-106692272-A: Woodlouse health-care wine and preparation method thereof patent, CN-1066923-A: Freezing and dissolving corrosion sample making method for electronic microscope observation of liquid state sample patent, CN-106692690-A: 一种治疗青少年白发的药物组合物 patent, CN-106693455-A: 一种新型斜板沉淀器 patent, CN-106693981-A: Iron-molybdenum catalyst for formaldehyde synthesis through methanol oxidation as well as preparation method and application patent, CN-106694714-A: 一种具有可拆卸结构的金属板材加工模具 patent, CN-106695047-A: Method for assisting braze welding through activation of surface of SiO2 ceramic matrix composite material patent, CN-106695934-A: 清洗机 patent, CN-106698240-A: Sealing structure of piston of ultrahigh-pressure hydraulic jack patent, CN-106698280-A: Electric power overhauling lifting platform patent, CN-106698560-A: 一种延长海水淡化用蒸发器使用寿命的方法 patent, CN-106699196-A: 一种球形耐火原料的制备方法及装置 patent, CN-106700261-A: 一种抗静电阻燃导热型聚丙烯材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106700722-A: Ink and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) patent, CN-106700831-A: Corrosion-resistant paint for aviation materials and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106701056-A: 利用空心玻璃微珠的沉珠制备低密度压裂支撑剂的方法 patent, CN-106701857-A: Construction and application of gene engineering bacterium for producing lovastatin and monacolin J patent, CN-106701951-A: Leiothrix lutea karyogene primers and sequencing method and application thereof patent, CN-106702327-A: Optimizing method of electrical transport property of ultrathin lanthanum nickelate film patent, CN-106702745-A: 一种去油低脂纺织精炼剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106703464-A: 一种可移动伸缩微型车位用车库 patent, CN-106704946-A: 汽车照明灯具及其灯具散热机构 patent, CN-106705869-A: Noncontact bearing ring outside diameter measurement device patent, CN-106706268-A: 多孔介质粘性阻力系数与惯性阻力系数测量方法及装置 patent, CN-106707571-A: 一种触控面板与显示面板的分离装置和分离方法 patent, CN-106707882-A: Intelligent air purifier for internet of things patent, CN-106707946-A: S7-200 plc与ace3600 rtu通信的数据线 patent, CN-106708540-A: General time selection method patent, CN-106709062-A: 使用多维化技术改进交互页面缓存系统的方法 patent, CN-106710264-A: No-communication-link road traffic signal countdown displayer and control method thereof patent, CN-106710893-A: 一种无机叠片软包超级电容器单体及其制备方法 patent, CN-106711224-A: 半导体装置 patent, CN-106711456-A: 钝化的金属锂-碳骨架复合材料、其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-106711514-A: Colloidal electrolyte and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106711746-A: Optical fiber coiling device applied to high-power optical fiber laser patent, CN-106712495-A: 一种电荷泵电路 patent, CN-106713124-A: Message push method and system based on MQTT and MYSQL patent, CN-106713182-A: Method and device for processing flow table patent, CN-106713187-A: 一种报文传输方法和装置 patent, CN-106713424-A: Internet farm system patent, CN-106713820-A: Method and device for switching broadcast frequency of satellite video conference patent, CN-106713821-A: 一种基于wifi的水下视频监控和数据采集方案 patent, CN-106714282-A: 无线网络系统 patent, CN-106714565-A: Method of producing a fermented milk product with improved control of post acidification patent, CN-106714843-A: 包含卤素的生物光子组合物及其用途 patent, CN-106714925-A: Integrated smart fuel filtration system patent, CN-106715504-A: 烯基醚多元醇 patent, CN-106716764-A: 穿戴式设备及其充电方法 patent, CN-106717102-A: 控制协议数据单元pdu发送方法及装置 patent, CN-106717335-A: Multifunctional sowing machine patent, CN-106717349-A: Sowing depth adjustable sowing leg patent, CN-106717717-A: Method for planting potherb mustard patent, CN-106717863-A: Selenium-enrichment herba gynostemmatis pentaphylli planting method patent, CN-106718142-A: Manual assistance hand-held triangular block variable-diameter branch clamping electric girdling device for grapes patent, CN-106719177-A: 一种提高水蛭幼苗成活率的养殖方法 patent, CN-106720053-A: 一种香薯蛋糕的配方 patent, CN-106720384-A: Mechanical device for producing red date soybean milk powder patent, CN-106721346-A: 犬猫高吸收蛋白复合物及其制作方法 patent, CN-106721729-A: 一种枇杷果肉饮料的制作方法 patent, CN-106721747-A: Passiflora edulia sims beverage and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106721881-A: Non-freezing-combined modified-atmosphere fresh-keeping method for steamed stuffed bun with three-dice stuffing patent, CN-106722733-A: Healthy type bullfrog seasoning patent, CN-106724645-A: Folding hat rack capable of rising and falling patent, CN-106724930-A: Automatic fryer patent, CN-106725619-A: Neurological examination device patent, CN-106726685-A: Essence containing rose essential oil patent, CN-106726764-A: 一种祛痘精华液及其制备方法 patent, CN-106726834-A: Preparation method for lavender face washing lotion patent, CN-106727551-A: Western medicine composition for treating gastric ulcer and application of western medicine composition patent, CN-106727800-A: Preparation process of Adenophora stricta modified ginseng patent, CN-106728188-A: Citrus aurantium calyx volatile oil as well as preparation method and application thereof in preparation of anti-inflammatory drug patent, CN-106728192-A: Bergamot essential oil used for acupoint massage and preparation method for bergamot essential oil patent, CN-106729208-A: Traditional Chinese medicine formula for treating psoriasis patent, CN-106729960-A: Kaempferol-carrying chitosan-base aquagel composite dressing and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106730020-A: Strontium carbonate-modified silk fibroin composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106730394-A: 一种可见光照射剂量的精确控制方法 patent, CN-106730878-A: Wrist joint structure for figurine and figuren patent, CN-106731912-A: 一种淀粉溶解装置 patent, CN-106732330-A: Preparation method and application of alumina-loaded nano ferrous sulfide composite material patent, CN-106732568-A: 一种对氯硝基苯选择性加氢制对氯苯胺催化剂的制备方法及应用 patent, CN-106732923-A: 一种大米加工用多辊粉碎装置 patent, CN-106733716-A: 一种验瓶机及其验瓶方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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